Food Groups at a Glance – Sweets & Oils

What are the functions, food sources and serving sizes of different food groups?
Understanding how different food groups serve different purposes in meeting our nutritional needs and maintaining our health would explain why you have to vary your food choices among them every day.
Food Groups at a Glance – Sweets & Oils
Nutritional Value
High in fat or sugar. Provide plenty of calories without much other nutritional value.
Major Functions
Fat and sugar can be sources of energy.
Food Sources
Vegetable and animal oils.
Salad dressing, refined sugar, sauce and condiments.
Nuts and seeds.
Foods that are added with abundant fats, oils or sugars such as French fries and chocolate.
Health Tips
It is important for all age groups to keep their sugar and fat intake in moderation.
Avoid animal fats such as lard and butter as they contain saturated fat which can increase the risk of hypertension, high blood cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.
Source: Health Zone – Central Health Education Unit HKSAR Department of Health

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