Food Groups at a Glance — Fluids

What are the functions, food sources and serving sizes of different food groups?
Understanding how different food groups serve different purposes in meeting our nutritional needs and maintaining our health would explain why you have to vary your food choices among them every day.

Food Groups at a Glance — Fluids

Nutritional Value
Water is an essential substance to our body as it maintains body temperature,
protects internal organs and body tissues, and transports nutrients, oxygen as well as waste products in our body.

Definition of Serving Size
1 cup (240 ml) of the above fluids.

Health Tips
Avoid beverages with added sugar such as soft drinks and concentrated juices.

Limit consumption of caffeinated drinks such as coffee.
Remember alcoholic drinks are not considered as a source of fluids. Avoid over-consumption of alcohol.
Source: Health Zone – Central Health Education Unit HKSAR Department of Health

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