DERMFESSIONELL® HA50 Ampoule ℮2ml 0.06fl.oz x 10ea

USD 78.00


 Firming | Moisturising | Healing | Minimising Pores | Suitable For Eyes | Suitable For All Weather | All Skin Type Skin Type

DERMFESSIONELL® HA50 Ampoule is unique and its ingredients are scientifically proven to fight ageing by revitalising the skin from inside out. DERMFESSIONELL® HA50 Ampoule is made of powerful moisturising ingredients that create a healthy and vital skin. The light, non-greasy moisture serum with hyaluronic acid 50 kDa immediately pads dryness related lines and wrinkles and ensures noticeable relaxation. Fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture fades as elasticity and collagen production increase. DERMFESSIONELL® HA50 Ampoule lays itself refreshingly gentle over the skin.