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The authority and expertise on anti-aging skincare – NEU Skin


NEU Skin International Limited has been well-established since 2012, cooperated with over 50 manufacturers and R&D internationally for high-end professional skincare & beauty products.

NEU Skin has been striving to explore and provide the safest, the most effective and the highest quality products. NEU Skin is collaborating with one of the innovative cosmetologist from Korea – Dr. Song, for the world-wide exclusive products and the latest effective brands REIZ.


NEU Skin International Limited gained high international recognition across the world during dermatological and beauty cosmetic expos over 20 countries.


NEU Skin has invested about USD4 million in constructing its own manufacturers in 2014 in order to develop further in overseas markets; in which the current business has been expanding to other countries including Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and South Korea; providing the safest and the most effectiveness products to dermatologists.

A world-renowned skincare brand from South Korea – REIZ is one of the concepts of non-invasive dermaceutical skincare that is promoting over 20 regions including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Paris, Russia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom etc.

NEU Skin – Company Prospects

To sustain further growth of professional skincare markets, NEU Skin keeps developing the new innovative anti-aging skincare ranges that can be delivered the most excellent and effective results.

NEU Skin – Company Commitments

NEU Skin International Limited promises to research and develop innovative and effective skin care products to bring the revolution of skin renewal. With our revolutionary skin care products, we can reestablish your confidence by improving your skin inclusively and immensely.